Leveraged Loans

Why 60 is the New 80 for Leveraged Loans

Investors are increasingly valuing below investment grade corporate loans on their books at par, even when the loans change hands in the secondary market at prices once considered distressed.

IACPM: Worries Surge on Deteriorating Credit Conditions

A quarterly survey polling the opinions of credit managers show a “clear consensus” that credit conditions will worsen over the next three months.

MedAssets Finalizes $1.73B Loan Terms Tight of Talk

MedAssets set final terms on the tight end of price talk Thursday, completing a $1.73 billion loans package covering the healthcare services software firms’ buyout.

Another Week, Another $2B Out of HY

Junk bond investors had another week of yanking assets from mutual funds and exchange-traded funds in the asset class. The same went for loans which saw the 26th consecutive week of withdrawals.

Moody’s, S&P Downgrade Sports Authority After Missed Payment

The company missed a $21 million interest payment due Jan. 15. It will have 30-days before it triggers an event of default.

SolarWinds Carves Out Euro Tranche in $1.5B Loan Offer

SolarWinds, a provider of network management software, will split out a Euro-based tranche from its $1.5 billion cov-lite term loan that will fund its buyout by Silver Lake Partners and Thoma Bravo.

How a Verso Ch. 11 Could Play Out for its Investors

The paper producer's could leave its debt holders with “weak recoveries”, Fitch Ratings said Wednesday.

Bowie Resources Seeks Out $650M TLB

Bowie Resources has launched a $650 million term loan B that will fund the acquisition of three coal mining operations from struggling Peabody Energy Corp. last year. A meet with lenders is scheduled for Jan. 26.

Keurig Sets Talk for $6.4B Loans Package

Price talk emerged Wednesday after cross-border lender meetings begin Tuesday in New York on $6.4 billion in new loans to fund Keurig Green Mountain’s buyout by global tea and coffee giant JAB Holdings BV. Another meeting is set for Thursday in London.

EIG Meeting With Banks on $910M Loans Offering

Web-hosting services company EIG Investors Corp. has launched its planned $910 million loans proposal backing the $1.1 billion acquisition of Constant Contact announced in November. Meetings are set for Thursday.