High Yield Bonds

Investors Shower HY, Loan Funds with New Money

Across the board, there were no net withdrawals from bank loan or high yield bond funds this week, according to Lipper.

Builders FirstSource Plans Loans, Bonds for ProBuild Takeover

Residential construction industry supplier Builders FirstSource has arranged more than $2 billion in new financing and equity – including the launch of a $550 million term loan B – to fund its announced $1.63 billion takeover of ProBuild Holdings.

Tekni-Plex, Air Medical Allocate Loans

Tekni-Plex and Air Medical Group completed nearly $1.7 billion in loan allocations Wednesday, according to KDP Investment Advisors. Both loan proposals had reverse-flexed.

CS&L Flexes on $2.5B Loan

Communications Sales & Leasing has price-flexed its proposed $2.5 billion loans proposal, hoping to clear the market for the secured debt it seeks to help fund its spin-off from Windstream Partners.

NewStar to Place $300M in Junk Bond Market

The company will issue $300 million of senior notes due 2020 in the Rule 144A market.

U.S. Bond Defaults Give Rise to Distressed Rates

U.S. high-yield bond defaults jumped significantly in the first quarter, fueling a slight rise to 2.3% of the trailing 12-month global speculative-grade corporate default rate to the start of 2015, according to a monthly default report from Moody’s Investors Service.

21st Century Oncology Back With $1.1B Debt Offer

Integrated cancer care center operator 21st Century Oncology has returned to the capital markets with a $1.1 billion debt proposal, seeking to refinance more than $900 million in high-cost debt it has struggled to reduce over the past year.

Concordia Revises $675M Loan as $610M Bonds Set to Price

Commitments are due Monday for a revised $675 million loan proposal from pharmaceutical firm Concordia Healthcare, while the company also looks to price $610 million in notes today as well.

S&P: Defaults On Pace To Exceed 2014 Levels

At 29 firms so far, the 2015 global default tally is nearly half of the 60 defaults recorded in all of 2014. S&P's list of the "weakest links" in its ratings is also brimming at a two-year high.

Loan ETFs Back in Favor; Mutual Funds, Not So Much

Investors flocked back to exchange-traded loan funds this week, but the new money was not enough to offset withdrawals from loan mutual funds, resulting in a net outflow of $4 million.


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