Chesapeake Energy’s Secondary Slip Concerns Noteholders

As Chesapeake Energy Corp.’s bonds continue to selloff, investors are becoming increasingly concerned that the oil and gas company could take measures that would leave them worse off.

Moody’s: Cov-Lite Not Always On the Label

Investors buying heavily covenanted loans with standard protections may be overlooking sleeper provisions that essentially morph them into cov-lite facilities over time, according to Moody's Investors Service.

Distressed Exchanges Favored by Oil & Gas, PE Firms

Distressed debt exchanges are still very much in vogue, Moody’s Investors Service said Tuesday.

Fitch: Energy Volatility Has E&P Companies Eyeing Asset Sales

If oil prices remain in a lower-for-longer scenario, high yield exploration and production companies may resort to selling off assets, Fitch Ratings said.

Moody’s: Oil/Gas Will Drive Defaults to Four-Year High

The speculative-grade corporate default climbed to 2.5% in the third quarter, and is now projected to escalate to four-year high of 3.8% in 2016 due to the ongoing oil and gas sector woes, Moody’s Investors Service reported Monday.

Arch Coal Snuffs Out Debt Exchange Efforts

The coal producer's plans to exchange certain debt issues are no more, it said Tuesday. It will, however, continue restructuring talks with lenders.

Moody’s: Commodity Sectors Fueling ‘Fallen Angels’

Not a single junk-rated issuer was considered for investment-grade status last quarter, Moody’s Investors Service said Oct. 27.

Fitch: Energy Sector Loan Defaults Rise Sharply

The energy sector’s leveraged loan default rate spiked to 5.2% in September, pushing the overall loan default rate to 1.4%.

Moody's: Energy Driving 'B3 and Lower' Ratings Surge

Distressed energy companies are crowding the bottom ladders of the Moody’s Investors Service ratings grid – and it appears more will likely join them in the near future.

Moody’s: Corporate Liquidity Stress Remains at 5-Year High

Pressure on corporate liquidity remained elevated through mid-October, but thus far has not worsened from September’s precipitous rise in stress levels as measured by Moody’s Investors Service.


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