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MedAssets Finalizes $1.73B Loan Terms Tight of Talk

– MedAssets set final terms on the tight end of price talk Thursday, completing a $1.73 billion loans package covering the healthcare services software firms’ buyout.

IACPM: Worries Surge on Deteriorating Credit Conditions

– A quarterly survey polling the opinions of credit managers show a “clear consensus” that credit conditions will worsen over the next three months.

TreeHouse Breaks U.S. HY Bond Drought

– TreeHouse Foods priced its high yield bond offering late-day Thursday. The deal is the first U.S. spec-grade issue to price is over a week.

Why 60 is the New 80 for Leveraged Loans

– Investors are increasingly valuing below investment grade corporate loans on their books at par, even when the loans change hands in the secondary market at prices once considered distressed.