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LeveragedFinanceNews.com is the one source industry leaders trust to provide them with critical, behind-the-scenes analysis and insight into the leveraged finance world that other news services don’t provide. With a special focus on midsized deals, LeveragedFinanceNews.com provides breaking news on the high yield loan and bond markets, as well as in-depth features and analysis, and profiles and Q&As with industry leaders. The site also provides data on both the primary and secondary high loan and bond markets.

SourceMedia, an Observer Capital company, is a diversified business-to-business digital media company serving senior professionals in the financial, technology, and healthcare sectors. Brands include American Banker, The Bond Buyer, Mergers & Acquisitions, Financial Planning, On Wall Street, Accounting Today, Health Data Management, and Employee Benefit News. Information about SourceMedia is available at www.sourcemedia.com.

Asset Securitization Report
As the premier guides to the global securitization industry, Asset Securitization Report and StructuredFinanceNews.com (www.structuredfinancenews.com) provide comprehensive, in-depth analysis of the entire structured finance market. Both products offer a unique perspective on ABS, MBS and CDOs and cover growing markets such as covered bonds and Shariah-compliant debt. Featuring coverage of domestic and international markets, they are the leading sources for market trends, regulations and developments impacting the industry.

Directory of M&A Intermediaries
Profiling hundreds of the most experienced and effective dealmakers, the Directory of M&A Intermediaries includes important contact information, including name, phone and fax numbers, address, major focus of services and experience and a great deal more. Entries are indexed in numerous manners for ease of use.

Mergers & Acquisitions
Mergers & Acquisitions (www.themiddlemarket.com) is the premier publication for working professionals in the M&A field. The official publication of the Association for Corporate Growth (ACG), each monthly issue of Mergers & Acquisitions delivers the critical information that corporate and private equity buyers and sellers, and their advisers, need to execute profitable, value creating deals in a highly charged marketplace. Transaction pros are on top of the hottest financial, legal, economic, strategic, and other influences that consistently drive good dealmaking.
The Mergers & Acquisitions web site (www.TheMiddleMarket.com) is the most authoritative online source for M&A news, networking and commentary. You’ll find the information required to thrive in today’s economic climate.

Money Management Executive
Money Management Executive (www.mmexecutive.com) dispenses breaking news and in-depth industry analysis of the events and issues affecting the mutual fund and entire money management industry. Each weekly issue contains intelligence on sales and marketing strategies, changes taking place affecting compliance and operations and so much more.