REIT Conversion Won’t Save Caesars, Fitch Says

Caesars disclosed last week that it discussed plans with creditors to turn one of its biggest units into a real estate investment trust. The plan's disclosure came after two key lien holders reportedly walked away from the table.

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Varsity Brands Launches $1.21B Buyout Loan

– Varsity Brands Holding Co. is shopping $1.21 billion in loans for fund the proposed buyout of the former Herff Jones Inc., a market leader for school-affinity products like cheerleader uniforms, yearbooks, and class rings.

Wells Fargo's Forecast for CLO Issuance in 2015: $90B

– Wells Fargo expects Issuance of collateralized loan obligations is to moderate in 2015, to $90 billion; that compared with $105 billion in the first 10 months of 2014.

ION Media Completes $150M TL Add-On

– Broadcast and cable network operator ION Media Networks finalized a $150 million term loan add-on Tuesday that will be used toward funding a shareholder dividend.

LSTA Challenges 'Arbitrary' Risk Retention Rule in Court

– The Loan Syndications and Trading Association filed a petition against the Federal Reserve Board and Securities and Exchange Commission, asking a D.C. Court of Appeals to suspend the final risk retention rule approved by regulators last month.

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